I understand distance and place because I’ve travelled the first and found the latter.



      Here, on the faraway Greek island of Ikaria, I’m at peace with where I live. It is comfortable, and secure, and the sea waits every day to be swum. Boats chug and churn and sail in and out of the harbor, and every day the sun rises across the way over Samos. It is far from North America where I was raised.
      So I know place and distance. But time, I seem to only discover by travel.
      We set out for Turkey because our daughter, Julia, is visiting and we think she should have an adventure beyond distance and place. We want her to experience time, and for Mina and I to engage in that same journey. What better way to go back two millennia than with one of your offspring?
      We will travel from Ikaria to Samos, and then on into Turkey and Ephesus.
      Ephesus … where Alexander’s reputation drove out the Persians before he could arrive. Ephesus, once a city of 250,000 and the site of one of the seven ancient wonders of the world; the Temple of Artemis. After St. John Chrystomum led a mob in 401 to destroy it, all that remains of the fabled temple is one column, and surrounding it, the ruins of a city that was deserted centuries ago. A city so large, that during the period when it fell into the hands of the Romans, it was the second largest city in their Empire.

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