Annamaria shook her head, as if trying to clear her thoughts. “You’ll know as soon as you make the move to fire him.”
      “Why would I want to do that?”
      “Because you’ll find out that he never really gets anything done. He’s always busy, but it doesn’t mean a thing.. Let me ask you one question. Has he brought in any sales, yet?”
      “Well, to be fair, it’s only been a couple of weeks. And the venture capitalists are impressed by him.”
      “They don’t know jackshit.” There it was again, that way of speaking I found so attractive. “Sooner or later,” she went on,       “you’re going to want to fire him. And when you do, unless you’re in position, he’ll sue the shit out of you for unlawful dismissal.”
      “So, I’ll fight”
      “Do you know what that will cost?”
      I could see her point. She might be calling him the King of Severance, but from what I’d seen, he could also add to that title, Lord of Lawyers.
      “It’ll be cheaper just to settle.” She stopped and thought for a minute. “What’s his severance package look like.”
      “Three months if it’s for “just cause”. Otherwise, six.”
      “What about stock. When does he get it?”
      “After three months.”
      “Well, at least that’s good. The usual ninety day probation period?” Many employment contracts have a ninety day probationary period, within which the employer can decide whether to keep an employee, permanently. Steve had argued that a ninety day

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