asked, moving her hands to my shoulders, “heaven or hell?” She shook me as she said this, causing my face to bump against her stomach.
      I pulled back my head just far enough to be able to look up to see her excited face above her large breasts. Her eyes looked straight down into mine as she pulled me up against her softness. The music heightened to the full orchestra.
      “Heaven,” I said. “I choose heaven.”
      “You bet,” said Annamaria, moving my face slowly up along her body toward hers.
      Once I made the decision, dealing with Steve turned out to be far easier than I’d imagined. I turned my logs into a report, included copies of what Annamaria had received from the security agency, and added in Steve’s expense account sheets, now-annotated with the damaging evidence we’d collected.
      Then I turned off the music and invited him in for a meeting. He threw the report across my office before he was halfway through it.
      “You think this means anything to me?”
      “It means that you either resign or you’re fired, Steve. Your choice.”
      “My lawyers will deal with it.”
      “In that case,” I waved another copy of the report at him, “this will go to my board. And they’re a vindictive bunch of bastards.” I grinned at him. “Let’s just do it the civilized way, Steve. Resign and I’ll give you your three months severance. And one other thing. You never worked here. Don’t put this company on your resume. Because I don’t want to be called as a reference. And you’re better off that way, as well.”

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