done.” She stood. “Okay Bob. Now, it’s time for me to talk to the venture capitalists. Look at what I’ve done. Just check it out. We’re going to be a huge success. Now they have to make me VP marketing. That’s the job I’ve been doing, anyway.”
      “They won’t, Annamaria. Because of the IPO they want a name brand, someone with a track record. Somebody who can talk to the brokers.”
      “No they don’t,” she said and lifted the bottle of champagne, “They sent over this.”
      “That’s a thank you, not a promise.”
      “What have they said to you? Whose side are you on, anyway, Bob?”
      “It isn’t a matter of sides.”
      “It isn’t, huh?” She moved around until she was in front of me and then sat on my legs, which were still perched on her desk.
      “What are you doing?”
      “I’m trying to illustrate something, Bob. Without you, I don’t have a leg to stand on in this company.”
      “You’re going to break mine.”
      “That’s right,” she said, squirming and grinding her weight down on me. But I was just as determined and held on. She worked her way along me until she was nearly sitting on my lap.
      “All right, Bob, so you’re strong. Where’s it getting you?”
      “That’s not the point here.”
      “I’ll tell you what the point is.” She jabbed my chest with a finger. “You won’t fuck me, but you’re going to screw me, aren’t you Bob?”

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