It’s taken two days to come unglued from the island. Yesterday we sat in the little airport waiting for a plane that arrived, took one look at the cloudbank that was enshrouding Ikaria and turned around and left. It rained in the early evening, cleared for a while and there was a bit of lightning over distant islands, but none close enough for us to hear their thunder.
      When we woke, this second day, It was not a rosy fingered dawn. The morning was light grey at first and then morphed into deep grey dense clouds. But they began to clear and we were seeing sun breaking through the cracks by the time we left for the airport.
      In the tiny waiting room we waited along with a couple of dozen others and watched the clouds roll back in and the rain begin. The guy at the coffee bar looked over his shoulder out the window and said no way.
      Mina roamed restlessly around the airport while I tried to go into neutral. Finally I realized that if I didn’t do something fast we were not going to get to Athens which meant we would miss our flight to Madrid. Our prepaid hotel nights would vanish without a trace of our presence and the airline would take its pound of flesh for changing our tickets.

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