Yeah, I know, you’re smart and you’ve already figured out that this guy’s name is Aeolus and he’s the old Greek god of wind. But what you probably don’t know is how to work these guys, and that’s where my New York background comes in handy. So we do the deal and I head back inside the airport.
      Sure enough, five minutes later the clouds part, the plane lands, and we’re scooped up and whisked to Athens in time to make our flight to Madrid. I expected nothing less.
      Of course, when we eventually return to Ikaria we’ll find all the furniture blown clear off the patio and scattered throughout the garden, but a deal’s a deal and we’re now having churros and chocolate in Plaza Mayor while the suckers in Tweedledum Indiana are still trying to get noticed.
      Let me tell you, friends, when they sing “give me that old time religion” I’m thinking the real thing.

Alex Morton
Athens, Greece
November 1, 2015

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