Elvis gives us a sly look, and sings an old rembetica song:

      Like an Orthodox Christian, in this society
      I prepare myself for the ceremony
      I shop for tobacco ends, and a piece of hashish
      And I set out for the village
      I go into the church, into the round rooms,
      And I start puffing as if I were lighting candles
      The archangel suddenly appears
      He’s got high from all the smoke
      He says, “Listen Christian, it’s not a sin
      To come into the church for your little ceremony
      But, suddenly, a monk speaks to me, “Get out of here! It’s my turn
      To have a drag,” he says.

      The guitar player, who’s laughing at Elvis’ audacity at singing such a
song, looks as if he’s been yanked from a tree. His face is surrounded by a
beard that appears as if it’s made of muddy leaves, and his eyes swivel around
like those of an owl. But, the beast can play! He soars through sizzling duets
with Elvis that have the bouzouki and guitar racing through the melody together.
      “Come and kiss me quick before love dies”, they sing, together in the
next tune. It is a song of questions and answers. Elvis has a great voice, and
the guitar beast sings the answers in a gruff, ironic tone.
      “Why doesn’t she love me anymore?” asks Elvis.

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